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01-30-2010, 12:30 PM
Originally Posted by BeAfraid
Sir, You are just a moron with a crappy computer. the first missions work fine and i did them all as did everyone just fine. What is the problem is your windows 2000 pentium 3 chip trying to run a mmo and what you are experiencing is called LAG.

I strongly suggest that you do not pay for the game so that we do not have to deal with you in our community

Right now the servers are down for unscheduled maintanence. You keep on trying to connect and looking at the message "Connecting to Login Server" for what you call a endless time means that you have no life and really just a moron cause you actualy sitting there hitting reconect when the client and the web site both say the server is down. You hitting connect wont make it go back up.

And going back to slowness on forums.... its your computer. My forums run just fine and load instantly.

Use some money or go ask mommy and daddy for some and go buy youself a decent gaming computer not from best buy or staples.
Thats what i like, a sucker who tells me, that my puter is not good enuff. I bet it is. I run on full detail, max resultion and everything to high. when server is up, the gameflow is just fine.

So get out of my legs