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01-30-2010, 12:33 PM
Originally Posted by gHz
This cannot be right - completed all missions (save patrol/defend since they just keep getting re-offered) I have been offered and am not being offered anymore. I did have one act up - the one where you go to the neutral zone and told to join a war zone, which I did and we won (federation) but mission only ticked off credit for playing a war zone and not winning so I figured it was borked and dropped it (some like that in OB people said where messed up, the resource battles). Anyways, finished my last mission after that and now I got nothing. Memory Alpha won't give me any, says to do stuff for this or that NPC and haling starfleet is just the lowbie patrols and defends and whatnot. And I tried to go back to Deepspace 7 (think that is place) and get that Neutral Zone mission again to see if it was working and I couldn't even pick that up.

Any suggestions?
wow I wasnt out of missions till I was at the last of captain... dunno I had to grind maybe half a level somewhere in thier but had plenty to do.