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01-30-2010, 01:35 PM
Originally Posted by Tarka View Post
Judging by the OP's post, he obviously hasn't partaken in many MMO early access / launch periods. Otherwise, he wouldn't be surpised by the server issues. Expect more server issues for the next few weeks while they tweak things.

And no, not everything can be sorted during a beta period. For one thing there is a difference in population levels and activities.

By the way, not even the devs can guarantee 24/7 server access without interruption. Read the EULA if you don't believe me. "Since when does anyone read a EULA?" aint a valid excuse for writing posts complaining about server downtime.
O.K. child, let us play your game... Let us assume that I am 12 years old and NEVER played an online game before in my life... Now explain to me child, what this has to do with not being able to play the game?

Now child, do you understand that they have 3 other MMO's? Did they not have these problems with them as well? Did they not learn these things from their other MMO's?

Also child, server outages are normally covered in the TOS not the EULA...