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01-30-2010, 12:37 PM
Cryptic will not give you any of the answers you are wanting from them.

The reason is, they don't know themselves when those issues will no long present themselves.

Does anyone honestly think that Cryptic is sitting there saying.. "Hey, lets let the system screw up and crash all the time for fun."

They want a smooth game, they need a smooth game.

When something goes out, they have to diagnose the problem and attempt to find a fix for it.

They are doing the best they can. The only thing that is subjective, is how good is their best.

I would expect a rocky beginning until they get things more under control. They have admitted to being overwhelmed at the numbers of people signing up and such. Best they can do is to adapt and overcome.

Best we can do is to continue to play or not. LTS not withstanding, you can either play under the current conditions or not.
You can continue or you can cancel your LTS. It's a choice and gamble either way. But ultimately, the choice is purely yours.