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We are "The Black Sheep" we serve as a Starfleet Rapid Response Team (Fleet), were special forces units considered to be the best the Federation had to offer.

The Rapid Response Team (Fleet) had a range of functions. During peacetime they were involved in search and rescues, counter-terrorism, disaster relief and special law enforcement. During times of conflict they were tasked with missions behind enemy lines such as reconnaissance, sabotage and deception missions.

During war a Rapid Response Team (Fleet) was roughly equivalent to a platoon in terms of size. A lieutenant usually commanded a team, with around half the members fully trained ensigns and the rest made up of enlisted personnel with years of experience. During peacetime the teams had a different organisation.

On stardate 51614.7, Rapid Response Team 23 under the command of Lieutenant Nosar Drin were involved in the successful Sabotage of Vuldok Nor during the Dominion War.

Lieutenant Page was poached from the Rapid Response Teams by Special Operations Command around mid-2374.

Commander Susan Core mistook the Starfleet Marine Corps' Mobile Response Force for the Rapid Response Team.

.....Real life info.....
We are a small group all of us live in the Central Time Zone. Most of us have belonged to or still do belong to SFI (starfleet international), UFP (united federated planets), etc... We are just in the game to have fun. We have a private Vent server for members. Most of us are on as often as the real world lets us. If you are interested in getting in on the ground floor of this new Fleet drop me a line, on here or in game to one of the follwing people... Cirrus@limeydragon or thantas@ricepa