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Ok by popular demand here it is:

1) To be safe download any software that the manufacturer of your joystick supplies.

2) Bind any buttons you can to keystrokes using this. Odds are the actual joystick movement will not bind to a key in this. But do the ones ya can. If you can't find one or it doesn't work, move to step 3.

3) Download and install Joystickcurser

4) Using this you can bind your X, Y. Z and R axis to keystrokes. Also your pov switch and any buttons the joystick software wouldn't. Go ahead and do that now. I have yet to get the throttle to work.

5) Before starting the game, start the joystickcurser program so it runs in your tray. Same with your joystick software. If you made any settings that you saved in them be sure to load them in the software.

6) Start the game up and go to your key bindings tab. Doing this in space makes life easier. Now set your bindings.

Example: Click in the "Fire All Weapons" bind area. Now pull the trigger on your joystick. It should now be bound to a keystroke.

Do the same for your ship movements. Instead of pulling the trigger, move the joystick in the direction you want. Go thru and bind the rest of the buttons etc..

Play the game and enjoy your joystick. If you found this helpful please make a post so the thread stays near the top allowing others to find it easily. Engage !

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Added for Logitch Joysticks

Originally Posted by jtkerry View Post
I have a Windows 7 Pro AMD Quad Core PC w/ 4GB RAM and an ATI Radeon HD 2400XT 256MB . I have a Wingman Extreme 9 button Flightstick w/8 way hatch. Windows 7 detected and installed it was when I upgraded ti Win7, and the stick calibrated and worked fine in ST:Legacy. Not so in STO, but I wasn't surprised by this. I have a number of avid MMO gamers around me, and the said not to expect support on this. I read the forums and was hearing that you had to get software from the manufacturer of the device you use, and the software would create the inter face. So, the following is what I did for my Logitech...

1. Download the LGS v5.08 (Logitech Gaming Software) and install it with the device attached:

Install STO if you haven't. Setup and launch STO with all the present patches - click "engage" and go into the game. Then close the game.

2. Configure the LGS software withall your settings, but DO NOT SET THE THOTTLE. I did and it was slightly on. When I rebooted, it started filling the text boxes in any open window with Q's. Then in the upper left is an area to link and launch software from the LGS program - point it to the GameClient.exe file on your C:\drive (the easiest way is to search for the file and figure out the location). Launch STO from the Logitech software once, and let it NOT find the server and go to a login screen. go to the upper right hand corner and reduce to a window.

3. Launch the game from the normal STO Desktop Icon - login - patch - engage. Wnen you get to the character selection -reduce this screen from fullscreen to a window. Close the other login window. The Logitech window should still be open. Select you character and play the game. The flightstick will work with a fraction of about a 1/10 of second delay. I seemed to notice it at first, but after the first space battle you don't seem to notice it as much.

Your mouse is now able to be devoted to moving views and your flightstick can handle ship/character movement and weapons. I found that I also use the mouse for shields. I just center the mouse and divert energy to all the shields at once when needed.