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01-30-2010, 12:43 PM
You would be amazed at the things that can happen.

When i worked in Dell IT in 1999, we brought up a new server room that handled all the stations in Round Rock 3, a new building that was just finished. The lead IT guy came down to help us celebrate and brought a bottle of bubbly. He was the boss, we didn't question it. He passed out plastic wine cups that you see in a cheap wedding reception and popped the cork. The fizz sprayed seven routers and two server boards, and these were not low end routers. Around $30K worth of stuff went up in smoke and the servers all crashed of course.

Round Rock 3 took 5 hours to become operational again.

The boss was fired.

I am not saying this is what happened here, but you never know what goes on when a bunch of tech heads are wanting to celebrate something.