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01-30-2010, 01:45 PM
Originally Posted by Katiandra
yes I did, and the game actually regressed. Some minor issues were fixed, but they introduced more and more bugs towards the end. I haven't gotten to the same point yet as I was when I stopped in OB, but I'm sure they're still there as some people have encountered some already that were there.

Yes heaven forbid the game not be perfect at launch, because it should be, thats what betas are for, to find the bugs.
You really don't know jack ***** about programming, do you? If betas found every single bug there was to be found, they'd never patch games. Hell, Blizzard still patches Starcraft after all of these years.

When you figure out how to write bug-free code on your first pass, come back to this topic. Until then, GTFO.