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01-30-2010, 12:46 PM
Originally Posted by Snakevalentine
If your account is open to play now you can't get refunds from where you bought it...
so you already "made your mind up" sit back and relax...
its gonna be like this for a month atleast if judgeing by other mmorpg's...
this is why the people that has done this 10 times before tend to wait or they dont post a complaint.
Actually that's not true. I can cancel anytime until release day. I love this game, I'm not canceling. I'm just informing you. I haven't paid a dime yet and i can cancel until they charge me. Cryptic turns off your access like 5 days after release if you haven't entered the retail key. So you basically can play the headstart free by pre-ordering, getting you pre-order key, then cancelling. Just gets turned off by the retail key deadline.