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01-30-2010, 12:46 PM
Originally Posted by Shiatan78 View Post
This is the first game I've every played that makes your account name public for everyone to see, and I've been playing online games since Asheron's Call. Why is it that Cryptic decided to make our account names public, not only in game when we chat but also here on the forums. Hackers now have half of what they need to steal an account without even having to work for it.
The login account name is not public.. What everyone can see is the handle you were asked to create when you first opened the account..

But if you had your handle be close to your account name then i'd contact cryptic to see if they will change it.

One reason they did this is so people wouldn't have to fight over common names.. It first happened with CO.. I like it, and it lets you ignore someone's whole account.. That way they can't hide on alts..