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01-30-2010, 12:46 PM
You can certainly try to hull tank here but you need ungodly resist to do so and there is a curve penalty to hull resist that reaches 50% the closer you get to 100 resist. So it's possible to do so in STO you just need the right BOF's skills on your cruiser and the right consoles.

Engineering Consoles - all rare + to kinetic and + to all energy resist x 4 on the end game Star Cruiser
Science consoles - All + hazard systems
Deflector dish - Best + to emitters

Engineer BOF abilities

Lieutenant commander - Emergency power to aux I, Engineering team II, Aux to structural II

Commander - Emergency power to aux I, Engineering Team II, Aux to structural II, ?

Science BOF abilities -

Lieutenant - Hazard emitters I, Hazard emitters II

the redundancy is there so you can keep the buffs those abilities apply going indefinitely.

Obviously if your goal is to tank then you power load out should have 100% power going to aux because the more aux you have the higher bonus to resist you get from the BOF skill aux to structural

Basically with all three buffs cycling constantly plus consoles you'll have in the area of around 80-90% hull resist plus all the heals those abilities also apply.

once appropriate skill are maxed -

Hazard emitters adds 30% resist all
Engineering team adds about the same 30% resist all
Aux to struc adds 50% resist all if you have 100 aux plus the additional buf***e to your power loadout from cycliing emergency power to aux increases the resist portion of Aux to struc even more. Basically more aux = more resist so this will vary depending on other equipment and captain skills like EPS power transfer.

So total just from BOF's skills that you can get would be around 100% resist all to the hull but that gets cut in half due to the 50% resistance penalty so what you're actually looking at is about 55% ACTUAL resist all. Once you activate all skills at once. Then you add consoles to that and come out with around 80-90% hull resist on top of the major healage you get from engineering team, aux to struc, and emitters combined.