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01-30-2010, 01:47 PM
Originally Posted by Katiandra
yes I did, and the game actually regressed. Some minor issues were fixed, but they introduced more and more bugs towards the end. I haven't gotten to the same point yet as I was when I stopped in OB, but I'm sure they're still there as some people have encountered some already that were there.

Yes heaven forbid the game not be perfect at launch, because it should be, thats what betas are for, to find the bugs.
Really for MMO's it isn't. Closed beta is for getting initial out of house opinions on the game, get a feel for if the UI you think is intuitive feels that way for the user, see how people take the news that you can only fire one torpedo tube at a time, etc.

Open Beta is more for stress testing the server than for finding bugs. Finding bugs is nice, but more important is getting the server running well. No game designer is going to expect a project this big to ship bug free, especially when they only had 18 months to build it. This is my 5th MMO Beta/launch, and none of them have been perfect.

Just do what we all do, take a deep breath, make yourself some hot earl grey tea, and let the dev's do their job.