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01-30-2010, 12:49 PM
Originally Posted by LUE_The6BillionKgMan
You really don't know jack ***** about programming, do you? If betas found every single bug there was to be found, they'd never patch games. Hell, Blizzard still patches Starcraft after all of these years.

When you figure out how to write bug-free code on your first pass, come back to this topic. Until then, GTFO.
game balancing issues does not equal bugs! When you patch for game balancing maybe you introduce a new bug. Contnet patches are not bugs, but sometimes they introduce them. Your logic fails. Of course Blizz patches, they want you to play forever. The launch code should be bug free, they had 2 years supposedly to get it right. Closed beta, I assume only once. Open beta. They should have had more beta sessions with more people in closed.