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01-30-2010, 12:52 PM
Originally Posted by Froz3nT1ger View Post
The Server problems always occure at the same daytimes. Always when USA and Europe reach a time where both continents can and do play together.
Thats the same with every mmorpg... they will just slowly increase server capacity.... Even Blizzard with WoW who makes insane profit is greedy with server capacity.

Seems they all are rather risking to lose customers before they are risking having too much unsused hardware standing around.

What I dont understand here is that they should have enough experience from the beta how much hardware they would need per user and they also got preorders to check with. Maybe they just dont expect that some are even playing 12 hours at once (or do you say "at a stretch"?). :p

I dont mind the brakes though, they are healthy lol.