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Originally Posted by Visual-Echo View Post
ok what is wrong with giving cruisers a +2 or +3 turn rate? then we could survive a little better... we would still be the slowest ships in the game but able to turn. we could use our shields better, we could get loot, it would be more fun, and steps could be taken to keep it balanced ezily. there are many thing that can be done to keep this ballanced why are a few of you against it? i dont understand. all ships could get the same boost in turn if nedded, or we could loose some shields or a gun. or it could be a skill that offers a turn rate value instead of percentage. all of that could keep it ballanced? i think the ones against this just want to argue or dont intend to fly cruisers so are looking for a way to keep them down. there really is no reason for a 61+ sec 360 at all. not even in combat. does that really sound like fun? and play anothe ship yall say? i pay for the game the same as u shouldnt i have fun playing in the ships i like? not saying i should be an escort in it just want a lil turnning ability? give us a brake.

The only cruiser that needs a turn rate increase is the Galaxy. The rest have high enough turn rates so that the various extreme measures you can take to make them turn better actually work. Turn rates of 8 and 7, which is what the Tier 2 and tier 3 have, respectively, are fine. They are high enough that the percentile bonuses that you get from +turn rate consoles and from increasing your AUX actually have enough of an effect to be noticed. They are also low enough that Escorts and BoP (and just about every NPC if they were smart enough) can still dictate combat to a cruiser.

However, once you hit turn rate 5, which is what the tier 4 has, those percentile bonuses are not large enough, and your gameplay enjoyment suffers. It is NOT COMBAT RELATED, but rather everything else you must do when flying takes an inordinate amount of time in comparison to anything else you could fly (excluding the VoQuv, which I also think needs a turn rate buff).

Truthfully, if you are having issues in a cruiser combat wise, then you really are not utilising it correctly. However, because we spend so much time flying in this game, and because Tier 4 is a large portion of our game time, anything out of combat becomes a chore. I suppose its because there are no flashing lights and damage numbers to keep track of.

A turn rate of 7 on the Tier 4 cruiser well help alleviate the out of combat flying, and is still slow enough to not make the tier 4 cruiser an uber ship. After all, the tier 3 has a turn rate of 7- would you call that an uber ship?

Alternatively, giving all ships an increase turn rate out of combat would also suffice, however, this would cause more problems, particularly in PvP as a lot of positioning and flying is done out of combat.

Alternatively, giving all ships a +2 to turn rate would also work, although that risks making the tier 2 and 3 cruisers too maneuverable, as well all the Battlecruisers (which have turn rates of 11,10,9 currently).

So increasing the turn rate of the Galaxy to 7 is the easiest and least wide effect method of solving the issue with minimal problems.