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01-30-2010, 12:55 PM
Originally Posted by Froz3nT1ger View Post
Damn am I glad that I didn't buy a lifetime subscription. I would really feel ****ed to have paid over 200 bucks for a game that couldn't run at least 24 hours.

The Server problems always occure at the same daytimes. Always when USA and Europe reach a time where both continents can and do play together.

Give us more Servers, Cryptic! I can't remember a day where I didn't see that red light in the upper right corner of the launcher! Wasn't there a thread in which you stated you ordered equipment to upgrade server capacity? That was almost two weeks ago. I guess it didn't work like you expected.
I'll sort this out for you friend.

It is BETA
It is HEADSTART for an MMO so its not released yet. You accepted this fact when you decided to log in to play in the head start.

What have you never been around for an MMO launch? come from overpolished over easy 'WoW' and expect everything to be peachy?

MMOs are infamous for rocky, troubled or generally screwed up launches, no matter how polished the game is. It is not even officially released and you are complaining about you want localisation and/or more servers for the game so -you-. Ever thought its a pro to have non-localised MMORPGs? Because it is.. it very much is a pro to have a non-localised game.
It means i can log in no matter what time of day and play with someone from anywhere between the pacific islands to some small village in the mountains around europe! your friends from other continents don't have to make a 'new' account just to come play with or the other way around.
What I'm trying to explain in rambling is this:
You bought a Lifetime subscription and have started to cry because 'bobo COLD!' not realizing Cryptic is working their ass off to make this MMO launch as smoothe as possible. The best thing you could do is tell them of any bugs you come across in the "Bug report" forum. Localized servers will only ruin this game, not make it better. Wait.. you didn't buy a-.. just.. oh god.. where is my stupid filter.. i can't find my stupid filter D: