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01-30-2010, 12:56 PM
Originally Posted by ripshredder View Post
I've just got owned big time by the Crystaline entity, i think we must've been around 20-30 ships that got our rear ends handed to us by this thing.

It actually started spawncamping on us insta-killing us all upon respawning.

I dont have time for screenies right now but they will follow later.

This was insane, and on top of all, it started healing it self from 18% hull to 36% hull in less than 1 minute !?
I have seen it done, but it takes some coordination. The shards it releases do one of two things.. kick your ass, or heal the entity, so you need to have people on them. I will however take more than a bunch of starter tier1 miranda ships with mk1 weaponry.

When you meet a big beast, chat to Ops, they give tips