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01-30-2010, 12:59 PM
Originally Posted by Froz3nT1ger View Post
Damn am I glad that I didn't buy a lifetime subscription. I would really feel ****ed to have paid over 200 bucks for a game that couldn't run at least 24 hours.

The Server problems always occure at the same daytimes. Always when USA and Europe reach a time where both continents can and do play together.

Give us more Servers, Cryptic! I can't remember a day where I didn't see that red light in the upper right corner of the launcher! Wasn't there a thread in which you stated you ordered equipment to upgrade server capacity? That was almost two weeks ago. I guess it didn't work like you expected.
Thats ok, Im sure it wont be too long before someone figures out how to run a private server for this game like every other Online game that is popular, UO, WoW, ****, etc.