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01-30-2010, 01:00 PM
Had the same problem with my Nvidia 9800GTX, would happen within mins of ground combat. Updated the drivers and its been 3 hours now without single digit fps. Take that ATi... :p
I remember my 9800 gtx in SLi. Good cards but now i have a 4870 with a 9800gtx for physX. I just like the color palit that Ati cards render. The nvidia cards just give to bland of textures. So yeah, im using your 9800 just for physX lol. I also bought the chipset keychain. And to reply to your problem, i rolled back to 9.12 drivers and disabled Dynamic lighting and turned on Vsync and now it works on ground combat missions. Only problem is, I want my Dynamic Lighting :'-( Crysis doesnt even give me this many problems, lol