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Bridge Officers:

- When choosing your bridge officers, pay close attention to their ability lists. You do not want to duplicate abilities between your bridge officers if you can avoid it.

- You can customize the appearance of each bridge officer once, for free. You can also rename them once, for free. After that it costs energy.

- Your first few missions will award you with three bridge officers. Periodically after that you'll have the opportunity to pick up another. You can also purchase them using starfleet merit.

- You must promote your bridge officers to gain access to their more advanced abilities. In order to promote them, you need to have spent a minimum amount of skill points on them first. You also must be one rank higher than the rank you are promoting them to (so, you have to be a lieutenant commander to promote a bridge officer to lieutenant). You can see the requirements to promote them by hitting the promote button on their character page.

- Bridge officers will use any available ability on the ground. In space, their abilities are limited by the ship type and the station they're assigned to (ie, they can only use lieutenant powers if they're at a lieutenant station).

- If you give items to your bridge officers, they will use them at the first opportunity.

- You should keep a close eye on your bridge officer's equipment, if you are taking them on away teams with you. Make sure to keep it upgraded as much as you can.

- You do not have to use all your bridge officers both in space and on the ground. You can have some that specialize in ship abilities and man the consoles on your bridge, and others that specialize in ground abilities and make up your away team.

- If you beam down on an away mission and your bridge officers do not appear, you can use the /fillpetteamlist command to get them to show up. This should not be needed after the game launches.

- Make sure you spend time getting familiar with the abilities your bridge officers have. The key to soloing ground missions especially is in putting together an away team with the right combination of abilities.

- If you do not like the free BOs you have been given, you can use merit to get specific race/sex replacements at Earth Spacedock.

- You can swap out the abilities your BOs know at the BO Trainer. This officer is on the other side of the partition from the BO vendor. Be warned, you will loose BO training points assigned to any abilities you remove. However, unlike player training points, BO training points are an unlimited resource

- There are uncommon/rare bridge officers with improved versions of abilities. You will generally get these officers from completing episode missions.