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01-30-2010, 02:02 PM
Originally Posted by Stongbad
I wish I had the time to have reached T4 Cruiser during OB. I did get to T3 and I equipped a +22% turn rate console. It seemed alright and I just matched the front weapons with the back so I didn't care which direction that the enemies were assaulting me.
ok just so you know 22% of 5 is 1 so even with that at t4 u couldnt turn as fast as your t3 without it. and if your saying all cruiser pilots should have to use that just to make a ship playable then where is the customization that is intended. we need an actual number boost not percentage, and really it should be pre-addons so we can still have some uniqueness to the ship class. i mean not all escorts are required to equip things to keep their power up just so they can keep their phasers burnning... sure it helps with dps but they do good without it. or good enough it can still be fun and people sometimes equip stuff to buff their torps instead.