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Tips for Space combat:

- You can reinforce your shields by clicking on them in the display. This draws power from the other shields to boost the power of the shield you clicked. You can also click the center (your ship) to equalize shields. There are also hotkeys to do this. Using this ability is critical to staying alive in pitched battles.

- All bridge officer space abilities will automatically hotkey by default, so you can click them or use the hotkey.

- When fighting larger ships, you will generally be most effective if you channel power to weapons (to take them down faster).

- When fighting multiple enemies, channeling power to shields can help you stay alive while you cut their numbers down.

- Boosting your engine power makes you fly faster, and boosting auxiliary power makes you turn faster. This can be very important against some enemies that move quickly.

- You will turn much faster at one quarter or one half impulse.

- Full impulse can be used to move very fast, but only if you are not in combat. Use it when you need to cover a large distance. Also be careful, because it drains power from everything but your engine.

- Shields will not regenerate if their power rating is at or below 25.

- Weapon damage decreases based on your range from the target. This only applies to beam, cannon, turret , and plasma projectile weapons. Other projectiles and mines do not have distance/damage falloff.

- Weapon power affects weapon damage for energy weapons (phasers, disruptors, plasma weapons). The more power your energy weapons have when they fire, the more damage they will do. Note: Discussion is still ongoing as to exactly how this mechanic works (some say it decreases the falloff penalty, others that it adds to the raw damage).

- You can modify the four default power presets. To do this, click the small button next to them that looks like three pages on top of each other, and choose number 3. This will allow you to manually adjust your currently selected preset. When finished, click the disk button to save the preset. If you want to set it back to the default, there is a button for that as well.

- All weapons will damage both shields and hull. However, some weapons are more effective against one or the other.

- You can start firing at 10km. If you have abilities that boost your attacks (like High Yield Torpedoes) you can queue them up just before you get into firing range.

- The way that you fly your ship in combat will vary depending on the abilities of the ship. Here are some common strategies to try:
  • Dogfighting - Get behind your enemy and stay with them (or inside their turn radius) as they turn. This is most effective against larger, slower ships or if you have a fast and maneuverable ship.
  • Jousting - Fly towards your enemy and past them while firing. Continue past the enemy (don't leave weapons range), then slow down and turn back for another pass.
  • Circling - Fly in a wide circle around your targets and fire beam weapons to wear down their shields, then turn in to finish them off with torpedos
- You can use line of sight to your advantage in space - ducking behind asteroids can give your shields time to recharge. However, your opponent can recharge his too. Note: There are some objects in the game where your LOS will be broken (you can't fire) but the enemies will be able to see you. Generally, LOS works better with larger objects.

- If you right-click your beam weapons, you can set them to autofire mode. This is much easier than repeatedly pressing the spacebar.

- Ships explode when destroyed. It will damage your ship if you are too close. The damage type appears to be kinetic damage which means it will do a number on your hull if your shields are down. It will also hit your crew hard, even if your shields are up.

- Your crew affects your rate of hull repair. They are also used for some abilities (like boarding parties). They may in addition affect other things, like power levels, shield regeneration, and weapon refire rates, but no one is quite sure yet if that's really true or not.

- You can attempt to disengage from a fight by switching power settings to engines, going to full throttle, and applying evasive maneuvers. Reinforce your shields with the emergency power to shields and manually diverting power to rear shields. Once you reach the 10km mark, the NPCs will stop shooting at you. However, they will often continue to chase, so make certain to keep moving away while you regen shields and repair your hull

- Missions scale to your team size by increasing the number of enemy ships present. If you enter an instance for a mission alone and find that there are far too many ships for you to be able to handle, make sure that you are not part of a team. Once you are not part of a team, exit the system, then wait 15 minutes and re-enter. The mission should now be scaled appropriately for a solo encounter. Note: Some missions, like the aftermath of the Starbase 24 rescue mission, add a large number of enemy ships on purpose because you are supposed to escape/sneak around them.