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01-30-2010, 01:02 PM
In your skill tree there is a skill that is called energy weapons. Train energy weapons to 1 and the bar on the right will go to +10. That +10 is the bonus it gives to your energy weapons skills. Train energy weapons to 9 and you get a +18 to your energy weapons skill. You get diminishing returns for training a skill up. The +3.3 to beam weapons stacks with that skill... so...

If you have your symbiote +3.3 and your enegy weapons trained to nine +18, and a console that gives you a +5 to energy weapons then.... you get a total of 26.6 to your skill which somehow influences your energy weapons dps :O)

Same goes for any of the other skills mentioned. You'll find they give bonuses to things in your skill trees.

Incidentally you can see what your skills are by opening up your character sheet and looking under your stats. Note that if you haven't bought the first rank you won't get the bonus. This pertains specifically to the efficiency rank which you won't see the bonus on until you reach Commander :O)