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01-30-2010, 02:03 PM
Tips for Ground combat:

- If you have abilities that place turrets or shields, use them before opening fire when possible.

- Make sure that some members of your away team have weapons with "expose" attacks, and others have weapons with "exploit" attacks. Make sure you have one of each.

- Pay attention to your kit abilities. When solo, you may use one kit, but in groups, you may want to change it up to take advantage of some of the more unique abilities.

- When possible, always start firing from the aiming position "press C".

- Many enemies will run up to you to melee, so it is advisable to open a fight with an expose attack so that you can do as much damage as possible before they are on top of you.

- Different enemies have different tricks. As you play, make note of the enemies that are tougher, summon allies, or use special attacks, and prioritize those targets.

- Make sure to keep a good stock of items for yourself as well as your bridge officers. They can make the difference between winning and losing a hard fight.

- You may find that some weapons are better for certain areas than others. For example, rifles tend to work best in open areas where you can get range on your enemies. When fighting in close quarters, you may find pistols more useful.

- You may be tempted to equip everyone on your away team with assault weapons, but this is generally not a good idea. It is better to go with a mix of weapon types due to differing special attacks and rate of fire.

- Use the "Stand here" command (the V symbol in the buttons over your team info) to plant your team in a single spot. This prevents them from running around and getting into even more trouble during a firefight. Right-click the same button to turn the command off. This is also useful for getting them through doors if they are getting stuck on the door frames.

- Use the "Fire on my target" command to focus fire on a single target. Use this to burn down dangerous targets quickly.

- Use the passive command (blue icon on the left side of the team commands) to prevent your away team from firing on hostiles while you move them to a new location. Particularly helpful in missions where there are tons of enemies moving around and you want to stealthily move around. You will need to use the "fire at will" command to make your team hostile again, otherwise they will stand there and die while petting their tribbles.

- All three of the commands noted above are also available for individual party members as well as for the entire group.

- You can revive an unconscious team member by using the CPR action (by default, this is bound to number 5 on your first hotkey bar on the ground. However, you can only use it out of combat. This works both on players and bridge officers.

- Your bridge officers will revive you after a fight if you are knocked out and they win. So, you might not want to choose to respawn if it looks like your officers are going to make it.

- Expose abilities have a chance to make an enemy vulnerable to exploit attacks. Exploit attacks, when used against an exposed enemy, will do significantly more damage, and, if they kill the enemy, will cause them to vaporize (which looks really cool when it happens).

Hit G to target the nearest "Exposed" target. Makes vaporizing them alot easier