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01-30-2010, 02:04 PM
Originally Posted by Hathur View Post
"Armor" (or more accurately termed, hull) tanking is perfectly viable... in a cruiser and if you're an engineer captain. Don't dare attempt with a science or escort ship - both have very low hull health and insufficient engineering bridge officer slots.

There's numerous engineering bridge officer skills to raise hull resistance, repair hull health. Combined with hazard emitters (Science bridge officer skill) and your own Engineering Captain unique skills, you can easily keep your cruiser alive through massive barrages even after your shields fail.

Equipping engineering devices that raise kinetic resistance would be key though (cruisers have the most slots for engineering devices - this too is crucial). When your shields fail, you don't need to fear phasers and cannon fire - your various skills can easily counteract those....

Torpedoes though can rip apart your hull even with engineering skills. This is why you would have to invest in kinetic resistance engineering devices, as torpedoes do kinetic damage. Combined with all your engineering skills, science officer skill and your captain skill, a Cruiser with 0 shields can stay alive just about as easily as if he had full shields.

It's suicide to attempt in anything but a cruiser though.
Yep I didn't go into all of it. But he's exactly right. Don't even think about it in a science or Tact. You need cruiser for this because of the engineering stations and consoles.