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Ship Equipment:

- You can upgrade every piece of equipment on your ship, but some things are rarer to find than others.

- You can right-click any item that boosts a stat and choose info for a better description of what that stat means. This is especially useful for consoles and deflectors.

- All shields have bleedthrough, but some shields have less bleedthrough. A higher capacity may not always be better.

- If you have open device slots, put batteries in them. They can be a big help in tough fights.

- It is not a bad idea to keep a few "alternate" pieces of equipment in your bank for fleet actions or when grouping with others.

- Items have rarity levels. A rare Mk. II item will usually be better than a common MK. IV item. Make sure you look at the stats rather than just the name.

Ground Equipment:

- You can purchase food, hypos, and other consumable items from your ship's replicator, but only in space. You can also "sell" items to the replicator.

- You get better prices selling to NPCs in Spacedock and Starbases than anywhere else. Here is how we think it works in terms of price: Ferengi < Replicator < Federation Trader < Starbase

- As with ship equipment, ground equipment also has rarity levels. Make sure you look at the stats rather than just the name.

- The special attack of a weapon is just as important as the DPS it does.

- Never, ever leave tribbles in the same place as food - unless you want more tribbles.

- Tribbles actually give you a small heal when you pet them.

- Keep a few extra kits in your inventory so you can switch abilities based on the needs of the group.

- When choosing armor, try to choose armor that gives bonuses that help a character's abilities or weapon.

- You can hide your kit or armor by right-clicking the item in your inventory. This also works for bridge officers.

Very awesome chart linked by Slough in another thread that talks about what the different weapon types do: