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01-30-2010, 01:06 PM
Originally Posted by mrhomely View Post
so i played a little bit in the open beta and i'm having a really fun time but i have a few questions that i'm hoping that someone can help me with.

1. What do the alien artifacts, radiation samples and other crap you pick up in space

2. I see in the customize your ship there are a few bridge options that cost 1000 credits. What does this do? i have never seen my bridge so i'm having some trouble trying to figure out what it does?

Any help would be great

Oh and one more thing when do you get a new ship?
1. If you go to Memory Alpha and talk to that girl that you hand the quest into the first time you go there, she will upgrade some of your gear for those things.
2. Bridge options really have no meaning right now. But, if you want to see it, go into sector space, open your map, and at the bottom right corner, you should see go to bridge.
3.You get your first new ship when you get to LT. Commander. If you scroll over the xp bar, it shows the benefits of increasing in rank.