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01-30-2010, 01:06 PM
I think the problem might be that you increase the cruiser you need to increase the other two. An escort class should be roughly double a cruisers and escorts have 15 turn rate, So a cruisers probly should be around 7 at best. (So this may be a little more than the current stats?)

Anyway you can get more turn rate by increasing the Auxilary power, some people I know complain about the slow turn but have thier power set to weapons/shields so Aux is only at 25. When balanced you get double the turn rate. Even escorts turn like a pig when at 25 aux power.

The thing is cruisers are designed in a way that turn rate isnt too important during combat equal guns foward and back, though I think thier shield management needs improving, spamming the shield is not really a viable thing I would think that you should be able to set power to foward shields and the ships computer shunts all power to that shield and keeps at it until you set it to balance them or switch shields.. would make the shields far more efficient.