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01-30-2010, 01:06 PM
Originally Posted by Mongooser View Post
You missed the point...

1. They have other MMO's...
2. The servers were already down earlier today...
3. They "said" they were getting more servers...
4. I could continue...

The point is that these problems were SUPPOSED to be fixed in CB/OB, not in retail. While you may accept this getting rammed down your throat,(It has happened in the past, so it is ok for it to happen now) I do not.

P.S. And I never played an MMO before, then I guess my account here must be fake:

And the 1.2 million views and 1500+ replies to the thread on the WOW forums is also fake... Yes child I am a total noob to MMO's, although I was paid to play them for years...

P.P.S. I also still have the WOW account child, if you can get enough money from mommy mabye I would sell? It was the first account to cap all classes in WOW on a PvP server including a Pally on another server. I have been offered quite a bit for it child, but I have been saving it all these years just for you...

1) Like I said earlier , if you believe that just because a company has launched a similar product before, that their latest product will be bug free at launch without ANY problems what so ever. Go and have a talk to Bill Gates. You do know who he is don't you? Or are you too young to actually be working as an adult?

2) So what if the server went down earlier? The servers will probably go down again before launch. And possibly a few times AFTER launch too. The same still applies. Cryptic want to get rid of these issues just as much as we do. But stamping your feet , making empty threats and generally acting like a child aint going to make them fix it any sooner.

3) Getting more servers may not actually have anything to do with the problem. Throwing more servers at it won't necessarily solve the issue.

4) You could, but you obviously have little experience in this matter. So I wouldn't suggest you continue.

Saying "this is unacceptable" doesn't actually help matters, its like stamping your feet. Do you expect them to wave a magic wand? If they could foresee the issue, then it wouldn't have occurred. **** happens.

P.P.S. Lol. Ok, now my sides are hurting for laughing so hard. Now I KNOW you're not an adult with this aggressive epeen stroking attitude. Personally, I couldn't care less if you single handely took down the Lich King (its interesting to note that your highest level character is 60 on that image lol). Is you're little childish attempt to flex your epeen muscles relevant to this discussion? Nope. Seriously. you're using this as validation for your argument? You might as well say "yeah? well my dad's bigger than your dad!" Seriously though, for the sake of your gene pool. Grow up.

They say patience is a virtue. Which is obviously lost on some people.
So go ahead sport, keep stamping your feet and screaming at the world. Because quite frankly, it doesn't care. ROFL.