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01-30-2010, 02:08 PM
Originally Posted by MorganUK View Post
I have seen it done, but it takes some coordination. The shards it releases do one of two things.. kick your ass, or heal the entity, so you need to have people on them. I will however take more than a bunch of starter tier1 miranda ships with mk1 weaponry.

When you meet a big beast, chat to Ops, they give tips
The big shards kick your ass, to explode and create 3 small shards that then try to get back to the entitiy and heal it for about 1% per small shard.
Throw a bunch of greedy player into a pot, all horribly underleveled with the only goal to do more damage than the next guy and tactics is down the tribble can.
Even if you manage to avoid shards and shoot either the small shards to prevent from healing or do very good damage to the entity, the sheer amount of people healing the entity makes it plain unkillable.

It's hilarious, will come back later.