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01-30-2010, 01:08 PM
Originally Posted by buddah7118
And trolling the forums is fail.
Pot, meet kettle. And, for the record, being an idiot teenager is fail. Unfortunately for us, there's nothing we can do about you except wait for you to grow out of it.

Did we have to pay in advance? Yes. has the money already been taken out of my account to pay for:

1 The Collector's Edition? YES
2 The Pre-Order? YES
3 The Life Time Membership? YES

Are you an ignorant little troll? YES.

Oh, sorry, I got carried away answering my questions. We're paying customers now. Part of the benefit of being a paying customer was this head start. Cryptic is now failing to deliver on AN ADVERTISED BENEFIT of PAYING IN ADVANCE. This is a breach of contract.