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01-30-2010, 01:10 PM
Originally Posted by Giggitygoo
show me where it says "were providing you headtsart access as a "gift". no? thought so. its used as part of the pre-order package deal. you know, to make sales....
they are called bonuses. and btw, sometimes, in reallife, dont know if you ever heard of it...there are happening unpredictable things.

and...this isnt a beta, this game has far less bugs than most other mmos released at this time, and just fyi, wow release day 1: it wasnt possible to register a account at ~14 o'clock gmt+1. for several hours MANY people couldnt play what they have PAID for. was ok. its a mmo, its a game, it just a junk of software. but some people didnt get that. moaning morons...