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01-30-2010, 02:12 PM
i agree this is not beta at all, as the message in the news box on the launcher said on tuesday, this is the end of beta and the game will launch with the headstart on thursday, granted there are allways problem with the launch of any highly anticipated mmo and granted even in well established mmos un forseen problems occur.

i think the major issue that get on peoples nerves is that there just does not seem to have been enough planning gone into the capacity aspect of this game, all the way through the betas closed an open the load has been an issue but no real resolution has come about.

I do agree though that localised servers will indeed kill this game the more reasonable option would possible be a server structure built similar to eve where each individual secor has its own server or group of servers running in unison, i know it means more hardware for cryptic but with the ammount of lifetime subscribers that have just paid 150 im sure there is enough funding to get some more kit in.