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01-30-2010, 01:12 PM
Originally Posted by Ohilio
@ Abradax

For the skills under Starfleet training, Starship Command improves anything you are flying. In the second tier Science Vessel Captain improves any science class vessel you command. The last 3 tiers apply to specific vessels.

Everyone should get the tier one "Starship Command" then specialize from then on. I am flying Science so I am getting Tier 1 and 2. Then holding out spending points on a specific ship till tier 5.

There have been rumors of eventually being able to reallocate skill points. Until the details of that arrive, spending points in tier 3 and tier 4 seem "wasted" to me.
That's what I was figuring, reading the first two tiers they specifically mentioned any class.

So do you think it is worth "gimping" space for a couple tiers and picking up ground abilities which always seem to be effective?