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01-30-2010, 01:19 PM
Originally Posted by Philius-Fogg View Post
I agree,

Its far to easy and nothing more than a time eater! It seems to me that cryptic is more interested in listening to noob MMO players than us expierenced veterans. When the server is actually would be nice to be challangened in some manner other than wondering what to call your charachter.
high horse much?

anyway, the game starts out incredibly easy. Why? So you get used to it. When you get to higher levels, the ships start using their bonus powers, the same types that you gain against you. Enjoy fighting the neg'vars that launch boarding party shuttles against you along with their 6 torpedo volley's or the Romulan Warbirds using tracker beams o hold you in place while they hit you with their aoe knockback and torpedo volley. Yes, they will hit for a hell of a lot harder as well.

or, just do what you're doing and completely judge the game based on intro content. I bet you complained to blizzard that the wolves in the starting area weren't challenging enough and needed to do something more than 1 attack.

As you get a higher level, the challenge is raised. JUST like every other MMO.