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Fair enough during beta - 15 totals for ground combat needed improved. Thank you for doing that.

However, like most games, you went a little too far.

Your pvp system is broke and has been since CB. Spawning into a new game is problematic often for one side being late and then spawn camped.. Spawn locations still can put you into a wall. Fairness as one side often has more people than the other. People can still leave during the battle again, even though you fixed that during OB to stop it, suddenly, it's back..... but the inbalance of people on either side, makes 40 kills very annoying, if your the only person on your side.

I would like to recommend the number 25. This is 10 more, enough to make it a good fight, but not so many that it get's boring or hard for the solo players left on their own.

So, I leave this with the players..... agree or not, speak ya piece!