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01-30-2010, 01:20 PM
Originally Posted by zallano View Post
So a car dealership starts advertising "All our cars come with a 6 month warranty" and people buy a bunch of these cars. Four months later, all the cars all start to break down.

As the people go back to the dealership to get their cars repaired under the umbrella of their free warranty, THEN they are told "sorry, we decided not to give you the full length of warranty we agreed to give you at the time of sale. We decided to cut it back. Sorry, you'll have to pay for your repairs."

And if those people were to complain about the blatant false advertising and failure to meet the agreed upon terms of sale, I can just imagine all the people here siding with the car dealership, saying "you should be glad you got any warranty at all." and "well they didn't charge you any extra for your warranty, so it's not like you paid for it."

Might seem like a silly analogy, but sorry, some of you Cryptic diehards are using is equally retarded.

If the side of the box says "free X days of headstart!" then when you buy that box, you sure as heck ARE paying for that headstart as much as anything else. If it is an advertised part of the sale, then it doesn't matter that it doesn't cost extra (which actually, in some cases, it does, depending on who you preorder from), but either way it is a selling point for some people. It's a bundle deal.

The box doesn't say "by purchasing this game, you get to play it at release, and MAYBE we'll let you start early, we'll see how it goes." It specifically advertises access to the headstart as part of the product. When someone buys the product knowing this, it's as much a part of the sale as the game itself.

Now that all said, downtime doesn't bother me, because I expect it, its par for the course with a new MMO and people who are honestly shocked are either naive or faking it, but while I understand and not angered by it, at the same time that doesn't mean that everything's all hunkie-dorie either. Those people who choose to be upset by this have every right to do so.
As Spock would say, Not logical.
The issue with the warranty not being honored would be false advertising. If you bought the pre-order with an offer of the free headstart and then they don't let you in, then they have a breach of their advertising agreement! But nowhere did they give you a guarantee that there would be no problems.

I'm sure they take us seriously and understand our frustrations. But we need to understand what we got into also and understand what they are going through this weekend (and I'm guessing all week, lol).