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01-30-2010, 02:28 PM
Originally Posted by Giggitygoo
Yup, pretty much this. I'd have save the money if I knew more about their lack of finished products. To think I was just upset about skill cap and lack of Klink content. Now to have paid to forum troll? what a joke of a beta that was. Get your crap together Cryptic. Feb. 2nd will be even worse..
You didn't pay for anything. A pre-order was the same cost of not pre-ordering.

Pre-ordering got you the advertised head-start. You got a head-start. They didn't advertise "A head start with a bug free experience and no server downtime type of headstart". Give it a rest - I've never been in any "head start" in a mmorpg that was bug-free and had no downtime.

In fact, that's a problem with all mmorpgs in general, isn't it? Bugs and downtime? Why would you expect more here?