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01-30-2010, 02:30 PM
Originally Posted by hellcane View Post
Hrm, lets see.
You complain about bugs, complain about crashes, want money, and then say that the game needs to be puched back. Maybe i have you pegged wrong or I am bitter about hearing the same type of whines over and over, but it sounds like nothing more than an impatient and upset childish mentality useing the forums to get support from people also upset like yourself.
Appology accepted

As for people leaving, there have already been mass cancellations during the beta from people who got upset because they "paid for beta"(mistake 1) and couldn't log in because the server crashed during stress tests(mistake 2). Frankly, these people leaving does nothing but help the game. It weeds out the dregs of the MMO world.
I meant, don't count on ME leaving

I'll say again, welcome to a launch. There will be many more crashes, and there will be many more bugs. If you do not want a game with crashes and bugs, wait a month after launch to play a MMO.
I know, that why I suggested to extend beta. Nothing more. Don't want any refund or stuff. But I really have my doubts, that the severe load on and after offical launch could be handled, if the headstarters are already too much for it.