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01-30-2010, 01:30 PM
On the topic of game difficulty, the issue is that a game should be a challenge, and there should be some aspect that requires skill. You don't always win at chess. You don't always win at Monopoly. You sometimes lose when playing Risk.

The idea is that a game should provide a challenge. Otherwise, it's just a sandbox. A sandbox can be fun. Lots of people have fond memories of their sandbox, all turtle shaped and green with that big shell of a cover.

With a video game, there should be a lot of room for challenge. The problem many people have with MMO's of late is that unlike other games, MMO's are playing to the lowest common denominator. It's like rewriting the rules of chess so that instead of a balanced game where skill prevails, they've rewritten the rules so white can't win, and only black can take pieces. Chess suddenly becomes much less enjoyable.

So, when a new game comes out under an IP that people really like, the game part is as important as the IP part.

I'm not suggesting anything in particular about what is right or wrong. I love a good challenge, but I also enjoy playing games and just focusing on the story and the plot. Sometimes I want to be challenged, really have to try to win, and when I fail, it's because I didn't do the best I could. So I try, and try again. Other times I want to feel like I'm wading through destroying enemies left and right, I want to feel powerful.

This hopefully gives a little more insight as to why people complain about the level of challenge in a game, whether it's too hard or too easy.