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01-30-2010, 01:31 PM
My current plan:

Cruiser/Sovereign Class

Lieutenant Tactical
G - Leg Sweep I
G - Photon Grenade II
S - Torpedo: High Yield I
S - Beam Array: Overload II

Ensign Tactical
G - Focus Fire I
S - Torpedo: Spread I

Commander Engineering
G - Shield Recharge I
G - Phaser Turret Fabrication I
G - Medical Generator Fabrication I
G - Quantum Mortar Fabrication II
S - Engineering Team I
S - Reverse Shield Polarity I
S - Extend Shields II
S - Aceton Field II?

Lieutenant Commander Engieering
G - Shield Recharge I
G - Shield Generator I
G - Quantum Mortar Fabrication I
S - Emergency Power to Shields I
S - Aux. Power to the Structural Integrity Field
S - Reverse Shield Polarity II

Lieutenant Science
G - Tachyon Harmonic I
G - Medical Tricorder II
S - Science Team I
S - Polarize Hull II