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01-30-2010, 02:31 PM
Originally Posted by BrianDavion View Post
no offense man but if you giggle every time you encounter a woman named Jenna I'd say the problems on your end
It's not just her name, it how she looks, and what the mission is that makes me giggle. My real point is, it's not just me that's picked up on this, and it's a simple fix to make it "right." Now if Cryptic doesn't mind if folks joke around about it in game, then I'm not going to complain much. But I better not get banned for doing it because it's very obvious to me that this was planned. Someone at Cryptic made this whole set up because they know/like/whatever Jenna Jameson.

If Cryptic really doesn't care, then please add a smoking area next to Ms. Jameson so I can relax after making my deposits.