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I had a lot of fun last night... did KvK ground combat battles for an hour. A couple of players were just phenomenal... or at least the build.

From my experience, melee is useless to feat for... no matter how honorable your ugly arse Klingon is. I feated for ground combat on my Klingon character, melee. Root and Hold resistance, you know. Well, I could tell absolutely zero difference. My poor fat, slow, sword wielding Klingon in PVP would just get held, come free, then get rooted, come free then get KD, come free then die.

Then there was this little alien build engineer guy who was feated out to do all those things to me one after the other. Funny thing was, after getting held a few times I would get the hold immunity thing flash up... didn't matter. I would still get held all over again.

It would have been fun to play a melee class Klingon. But I did the smart thing -- re.rolled. At least until the game gets a little balance. Given the gimpy nature of tactical officers in ground combat, I just don't see the appeal for being anything other than a root / hold / KD player.

Who needs damage when your opponent won't get a shot off anyway?