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01-30-2010, 01:34 PM
Originally Posted by Froz3nT1ger View Post
Ooooh, how I like those Developer defenders. Didn't notice that you can stick your Beta argument up your... now? I don't care if any other MMO had these problems. That makes it even worse because you should learn from the mistakes of others.
Don't come up with "it is not officially released yet" What are you, a lawyer or a gamer? OK, let's wait the three days they have left. Even you don't believe they will have settled it then. But I know what your argument will be next week....."It's new, what do you want?", won't it?

Can't find a complain about mssing localisation here. Don't drink and post, honey. Trying to make some topics up so your Post looks bigger?
I report my bugs ingame and to be honest, I would love to pass the chance to play together with arrogant people like you are. Everyone is stupid who doesn't share your opinions, right?
I'm glad its down at the moment, it means I don't have to play with ******* like you. CHILD!