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01-30-2010, 01:35 PM
Originally Posted by Steel-Hyena
1. No one "pays" for headstart, as others have pointed out.

2. Bugs and server issues aside, it's not beta since you get to KEEP your character afterwards. It's a perk for pre-ordering, and Cryptic didn't have to give you if they didn't want to. Issues aside, you'll still be ahead of everyone else come launch day that didn't pre-order.

OK I am tired of the no one pays for headstart BS...YES I DID ... The preorder was 5 bucks and it dont come off the price fo the game. And yes i know it says it does..but here is a paste of the checkout cart.

Star Trek Online Deluxe Edition - Digital Download PC
Download $54.99 Remove
Star Trek Online - Preorder PC
Download $5.00 Remove

$59.99 SubTotal
$59.99 Total

the game itself is 54.99 we paid an extra 5 for the preorder.