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01-30-2010, 02:38 PM
Originally Posted by Galactium
All you people screaming, yelling, stomping your feet and saying you are going to cancel your preorders just because of a few server crashes need to please do what the thread ****le says

Please either grow up and show some patience or do the whole community a favor and

I bet one of the biggest thing that causes people to leave a game is its community.
I personally dont want to listen to such inpatient children constantly crying in game or Fleet chats as I am sure no one does.

Now if the game is still crashing regularly in a couple weeks from now ....OK then I will be rigth there with you complaining but if you have any experiance playing a MMO then you know this has been a very good start, better than most.

For the people saying Eve never crashes....why are you here?
Let me guess
A. you just want to bash STO because you like Eve
B. This is the reason I think is the main from all the chatter about Eve I have been dont like the community there because most of the people have been there a long time and are uber and kill you constantly making it no fun to play.....another words because of the community.

Also you are not paying for the game time yet, as you wont be doing for another 33 days, 4 days free early start along with the first 30 days free