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01-30-2010, 01:39 PM
Originally Posted by X-Bam View Post
Appology accepted
Good to see this isn't turning into a insult war as I did not mean to insult.

I know, that why I suggested to extend beta. Nothing more. Don't want any refund or stuff. But I really have my doubts, that the severe load on and after offical launch could be handled, if the headstarters are already too much for it.
They won't be able to. I played launch for ****, WOW, WAR, EVE, ***, and probably 1-2 I forget about. They ALL crashed within hours of the official launch. MMO companies love to lowball the servers. They always figure out that they need more and 2-4 days after official launch, the servers are running somewhat smoothly. The bugs will be hammered out and the game will stabilize in a month, then we can get a real opinion on how play is(the reason they gave us a free month IMO).

WOW - down for something like 24 hours after 3 hours of launch.
WAR - multiple crashes, chars missing, PVP que errors.
**** - hell, lancelot server had 20-30 second lag for about a month if you could even log onto it. However since they felt that they were a little overboard they gave out a free month to people on that server.
*** - oh god. Lag, crashes, items not working, massive nerfs-buffs, crafting broken, horses broken, pvp broken, character movement/placement broken.