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01-30-2010, 01:40 PM
I like this game, and I see tons of potential, but lets get real. STO really should have had another year or two in development. An MMO in two years? It really does. I've been playing MMO's a long time, so I understand that no game is perfect on launch, but I haven't seen a game this unfinished since the Sims Online. I mean, exploration levels don't even have names half the time. Release a game with bugs, fine. Without features, fine. But when your missions are named genesis_groundmission to the end user? Your game is not done. I don't mind downtime (STO ususally comes up in a few hours, more than I can say for other MMO's) but I have to be concerned when the servers can't handle the head start.

I'm still hoping for the best, I really am. And so far, I'm having fun. But I have a very bad feeling about this. (Yes I said it).