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01-30-2010, 01:42 PM
How did the Cardassians hold their own against the federation and it's superior technology? Simple. Cardassians are ruthless. I forget which episode, but it was Deep Space 9 where Gul Dukat suggested that you take out the bridge of the ship and take the ship in toe. Cardassians use brutal tactics, plain and simple. They are effective at torture (There are FOUR LIGHTS!) and use other, less favourable practices such as slavery, just look at the Bajorans. Cardassians would gladly jeopardize innocent lives to protect military assets. The federation (as a whole, not individual members) would never consider blowing up a ship full of civilians that was transporting weapons and such. Same with installations. Put your genetic weapons lab underneath a school or internment camp and if anyone attacks it, release said weapons into the population and use propaganda to make the opponent look like the bad guys.

Cardassians are like Nazi's. Their leaders are evil, conniving and bloodthirsty, but they have good tailors.