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01-30-2010, 01:44 PM
May I address the ppl that say "Nothing breaks immersion more than [insert target here]"
Immersion? What immersion?
I like this game. Enough so that I got a lifetime sub.
Five points to consider here:
1.) Ship crewed by Tribbles - Your dead crewmates regenerate back to full crew in minutes. How else do you describe this? Using replicator rations to get more?
2.) Invincible bridge officers - Ship blows up? No problem for these guys. Even if you fully run out of crew on your ship (for a short period of course) the BOs can still be used
2.) Ship regens without need of a starbase or drydock - Hull damage repairs ITSELF within seconds of it occurring - for that matter, the use of Engineering Crew of your own ship. They were what? Playing around on the holodeck until you called them up? Even when your ship is venting crew into space?
3.) Ship controlled by invisible deity that noone else can detect or damage
4.) Crew survives entire destruction of ship - this is a big immersion breaker for me honestly. Im not saying "make this game EVE" like some, but Im just saying that this breaks any kind of immersion there could possibly have been right there.
5.) Entire lack of Star Trek music - yeah, its just annoying.